Now 🙂

I reside in Naperville, IL. I am at a constant state of improving my life through positive thoughts and healthy behavior. Below is a list on how I spend my time now:

Waking up at 6:00AM during the work week with a consistent Morning Routine.

My 9-to-5 day job as a Systems Engineer.

Working on a side project. More to come later.


Listening to music. Mostly Metalcore, amongst some other genres.

Reading books.

Embracing minimalism.

Creating more, consuming less. Less social media, more creative thoughts.

Hosting and maintaining a podcast with my friend Andrew.

Listening to other podcasts.

Studying and learning more about new technology on Linux Academy.

Attending a monthly IT Meet-Up


Page last updated: January 10th, 2019 – Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now project.