Job Requirements

  • Remote (hybrid will be considered)
  • Senior-level or higher
  • Ability to move to a Staff or Principal role later
  • Digital privacy or cybersecurity focused product/project (highly preferred but not necessarily required)
  • Ability to prototype, experiment, learn
  • Autonomy
  • Takes on a challenge
  • Mentorships – both as mentor and a mentee
  • Clear business direction given by technical leadership to impact the organization
  • Career path plan
  • Respect my time and communication preferences
  • Respect who I am
  • High trust teamwork and collaborative
  • Able to use Linux-based desktop environment for work (not a deal breaker but helps a lot with my personal productivity and open-source software preference)
  • Smaller team sizes preferred, but willing to work with multiple teams at the same time

Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or by e-mail (craignuzzo at protonmail dot com).