Why start a blog?

I know, I should be making a vlog like all the cool kids; but I think this is a better medium for journaling my thoughts on the Web.

Web Development and Linux are my two main computer oriented specialties and they really do go hand in hand as a lot of web servers run Linux, so if either of those interest you; then you may be in the right place. The former being my day job and the latter more of a hobby and passion currently. Most of my discussion here will likely fall into those broad subjects. However, both those topics encompass a wide range of specialties within themselves so that is why I decided to keep a very open-ended technology blog. I hope it finds my niche along the way and future blogs will be more specific in order for me to fine tune my own technological niche.

I intend on using this blog as a means of brain dumping my thoughts and ideas in hope to keep my mind organized; while simultaneously showcasing my work, helping others learn, inspiring others to learn about tech, creating new tech-related work for myself, and finding out what I am truly good at.

Code Tag

I will maintain appropriate categories and tags. “Normal user” tags will signify things that apply to everyone, and “Nerd user” tags will be used for more advanced and not so user-friendly topics that dig deep into the details.

I honestly believe the best way to learn new things is to teach others what you know already, which in turn will open up new learning possibilities to the teacher and reinforce preexisting knowledge.

I look forward to sharing more.

Below I have outlined a quick list of what I envision writing about:

  • Documenting personal projects
  • Computer hardware reviews
  • Software application reviews
  • Thoughts on coding techniques and tutorials
  • Why Linux?
  • Linux series for beginners to novice
  • How a Computer Works series
  • How to set up a website from scratch.
  • Game development hobby
  • DIY tech projects

Always feel free to leave a comment below.