Technical Skillset

I am a Systems Engineer / Administrator primarily focused on Linux, AWS, Atlassian Bamboo, GitLab, and open-source technology with a DevOps/SRE-like mindset.

I have experience on the full web stack, but much rather prefer to be closer to the system-level code. The majority of my experience as a Developer has been problem-solving within my previous Support role. My Operations experience comes from my current Systems Engineering role.


Check out my Now page to see what I am currently up to.

Here are my Clifton Strengths that define me.

Certifications I have earned or plan to take.


bash / AWS / Terraform / Python / Linux / Docker / git / GitLab / Atlassian / CI/CD / DevOps / IaC


Kubernetes / FreeBSD / Golang / Security / Programming / System Administration / DevOps / NodeJS / GatsbyJS / Jekyll / Web Hosting / Cloud Networking / Cryptocurrency