My Dream Job

Thinking about what your true dream job would be can really help you organize your thoughts, set learning goals, and process your emotions. It will take some time, but the activity is really worth it.  Below are my key motivators and inspirations I took from actual jobs that exist on the Web.

– Computer Science
– Open-Source
– Digital Privacy
– Remote, Mental/Emotional Health
– VPN, Proxy, VFX/Creative
– Learning & teaching

Inspired by Actual Jobs:
– Senior SRE at DuckDuckGo
– Infrastructure Team member at GitLab
– Kernel Engineer at System76
– Linux Systems Developer at ProtonMail
– SRE at Mullvad VPN

You can see my dream job posting in a PDF here.

Other Considerations:
– Systems Administrator at Industrial Light & Magic
– “Open Source Advocate” for a “tech company” I like.
– Participate in Creative Process for films (i.e. Blender)
– Team Lead or Manager

Contact me if you have any questions or comments.