Linux Resources 🐧

Why should you use Linux? Check out my video where I talk about that.

Looking for general “Computer Learning Resources”, not just Linux specific, go to my other page.

Beginners: Linux Operating System Fundamentals at Linux Academy or Intro to Linux on edX

All Levels:   the Linux Upskill Challenge

Udemy course: Even if you do not intend on working with WordPress, this is a fantastic practical walkthrough to learn some of the basic Linux skills, especially recommended for Developers:  David Cohen’s Hands-on Linux Note that it is a little out of date, so be aware of packages.

Try before Install instructions: Ubuntu (also good for beginners: PopOS, elementary OS & Ubuntu MATE)

Advanced Linux learning: Linux 101 from IBM


The Linux Command Line also available for free at

Video tutorials:  Level1LinuxTutorialinux and Brian Will

Paid learning: Linux Academy  (Look out for sales around Cyber Monday and New Years. You’ll keep that same price for life.)

Hardware: System76, Dell  (or use any old computer you have)

Podcasts: 2.5 AdminsLate Night Linux, Ubuntu Podcast, or any Jupiter Broadcasting podcast