Linux Resources 🐧

I love to learn about Linux and new computer technology. Over the years I have found some great resources and thought I’d share so you don’t just have to web search and weed through all that is out there. Please let me know if you’d like something added to my list. Happy Learning!

Looking for general “Computer Learning Resources”, not just Linux specific, go to my other page.

Beginners: Linux Operating System Fundamentals at Linux Academy or Intro to Linux on edX

All Levels:   the Linux Upskill Challenge

Udemy course: Even if you do not intend on working with WordPress, this is a fantastic practical walkthrough to learn some of the basic Linux skills, especially recommended for Developers:  David Cohen’s Hands-on Linux Note that it is a little out of date, so be aware of packages.

Try before Install instructions: Ubuntu (also good for beginners: PopOS, elementary OS & Ubuntu MATE)

Advanced Linux learning: Linux 101 from IBM


The Linux Command Line also available for free at

Video tutorials:  Level1LinuxTutorialinux and Brian Will

Paid learning: Linux Academy  (Look out for sales around Cyber Monday and New Years. You’ll keep that same price for life.)

Hardware: System76, Dell  (or use any old computer you have)

Podcasts: 2.5 AdminsLate Night Linux, Ubuntu Podcast, or any Jupiter Broadcasting podcast