Health Plan πŸ’ͺ πŸ₯•

I’m using The Lean Muscle Diet to formulate my own workout and nutrition plan for January thru June of 2020. Here are my goals and calculations to come up with them:

Starting Weight:Β 185-190Β  Β  BMI: 23-25Β  Β Β Lean Body Mass (LBM): 165Β  Β  Target Body Weight (TBW): 175

Training in hours: Weights: 2Β  Β  Β Basketball:1Β  Β  Β Cardio:0.5-1Β  Β  Β Total: 3.5-4

The Standard Formula:Β TBW x (9 – 11 + average weekly hours of training)

175 x 14 = 2450 calories

Protein: 175 x 4 = 700 calories (~175g)

Fat: 0.5 x 175 = 87.5 x 9 = 788 calories (~85g)

Carbs: 962 calories (~245g)


The Training Program (6 Months)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts in the morning. I doΒ πŸ€Β on Tuesday evenings. Saturday will be some sort of cardio (i.e.Β πŸƒ, jumping, a concert would count, long walk, some other sport, etc.)