Career Progression Plan

I would like to move “closer to the metal” or “down the tech stack” leading to management and teaching to end my career.

Title Skills To Concentrate On
Cloud Operations Engineer or Software Engineer for Ops Kubernetes
Site Reliability Engineer Python, CPython
Linux Cloud Kernel Engineer Linux kernel internals
Linux Kernel or Embedded Systems Engineer C
Director of “DevOps” Engineering Managing humans
Professor of Computer Science Teaching

Most of those jobs are taken from Canonical as example.

Additional learn plan found here.


Another way to communicate “moving away from observing infrastructure as a career”:

– Finish my Flask application I am writing for a non-for-profit
– Learn more about Python
– Learn about the inner workings of CPython
– Learn more C syntax
– Dive in to the Linux kernel, especially in the context of Embedded Systems and ARM DevelopmentΒ Β Β  (I have a book called Making Embedded Systems)