2021 Review & 2022 Goals

Looking back on what went well and what could be improved next year. 2021 Review Accomplishments from 2021 Goals: Installed GrapheneOS intentional social time with family & friends applied to gigs learned a lot about Flask, Vue, SQLite, APIs, SPAs Not blaming others Improved human networking focus and reading time improved Additional accomplishments: Proposed and … Continue reading “2021 Review & 2022 Goals”

2019 Reviews to 2020 Goals

2019 in Review Accomplishments: went out West for LinuxFest Northwest met my lovely girlfriend promoted at my job established morning & evening routines updated this site with detailed About page developed an ECS deployment pipeline donated to No Agenda applied Stoicism and minimalism to my life all year understood the importance of digital privacy won … Continue reading “2019 Reviews to 2020 Goals”