About 🤘

I am a Junior Systems Engineer primarily focused on Linux, AWS, and open-source technology to get work done. I have experience on the full web stack. The majority of my experience as a Developer has been problem-solving within my previous Support role. I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois-Springfield, where I primary focused on security, operating systems, systems programming, and networking.

I keep up on the alternative technology that give the power back to the people and not the corporations. I enjoy learning how the tech works from a top-level as well as under the hood.

In my free time I enjoy weight lifting, playing basketball, singing, cinema, watching hockey & baseball, going to concerts, listening to Metalcore music, and keeping up with the latest Linux and other security related news.

Check out my Now page to see what I am currently up to.


bash / AWS / PHP / Linux / Docker / git / Mecurial / JavaScript / Python / WordPress


Linux / Security / Programming / System Administration / DevOps / NodeJS / Jekyll / Web Hosting / Cloud Networking / BSD / Cryptocurrency

This site was born via SSH.