30 Day (Tech) Challenges

Thirty day challenges have been around for a good while. I doubt just one person came up with them. I even did one last year for a 30 Day Social Media detox, which was amazing to do. I highly recommend. I went cold-turkey on my Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. I found that I had more time to think, felt better emotionally and got a lot done in that time. Today, I do use all four but I have a lot of restrictions like I block my Facebook wall with a browser add-on and I only check Twitter once in the morning and evening like I treat my e-mail. Instagram and SnapChat are only opened if somebody directly sends me something.

That brings me to my 12 months of 30-ish Day Challenges, which was a recent inspiration from filmmaker and minimalist Matt D’Avella from his 12 Habits For Life YouTube video.  Go check it out and come back to see mine.

So after I started thinking about and listing out my 30 Day Challenges, I came up with the idea to do a 30 Day Tech Challenges list as well since I have so many skills, tools and programming languages I want to learn and perfect upon. So below you will see my list of 12 Tech Challenges and just below that you’ll see my “non-tech” ones. They are all subject to change and I will try to keep them updated.

30 Day Tech Challenges

January: Apache Kafka.

February: Python, Terraform and perfect Tmux.

March: continue Python, Terraform.

April: continue Python, Terraform. GatsbyJS. Apache Airflow. Back-up solutions.

May: AWS CLI, bash, MySQL

June: Haskell. Only use VIM. Functional Mindset Month

July: Go

August: Kubernetes

September: Bitcoin under-the-hood with Python

October: Operating Systems from Scratch

November: Linux From Scratch install.

December: try a new Linux distro every day.

30 Day Challenges

January: Organize self with new productive tools and come up with motivational organized tactics like this.

February: Minimalist Game as explained by The Minimalists in their YouTube video.

March: Whole30. No Coffee No Juice. Read about what Whole30 is here.

April: YouTube, Twitter and Reddit purge. Same idea as Minimalist Game but for my YouTube subscribed channels and saved videos.

May: go to gym every morning before work.

Monday: Biceps
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Triceps
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Rest

June: Record self singing. Set aside an hour at least for recording and setting up portfolio site. TBA.

July: Walk outside every day for at least 30 minutes (weather permitting).

August: Audiobook Challenge. Listen to one for at least 45 minutes every day.

September: Water Challenge – Drink a gallon a day.

October: Push-up Challenge or some other crazy exercise.

November: try some Time Management Methods (i.e. identify shallow work, do some time blocking, Morning/Evening routine reflection, sleep schedule, exercise, etc.)

December: ?

Last updated February 13, 2019.