2022 Review & 2023 Goals

Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023.

2022 Accomplishments:

Β Planned a wedding and it was perfect.

A post on my personal tech stack reached over 16,000 Impressions on LinkedIn.

Continued to improve and do well in my professional career.

2022 Accomplishments Completed:

Learned a lot more about Python, JavaScript, SQLite, and VueJS

Took on a new hobby with Pokemon and the Nintendo Switch

What I learned in 2022:

Have less goals

Learn to say No

Do not be afraid to take risks and try new things

I am still fascinated by Pokemon, and now exploring speedrunning and the Assembly code that makes up the logic of the game for the 1st Generation.

Working on projects is a great way to learn


2023 Goals:

Finish the application for a non-for-profit’s database usage

Become an expert in Python and JavaScript

Do some more “web based hacking” with hacker101.com

Learn more PHP

Accomplish 80% of IDP goals at work

Earn a promotion at work

Work on personal projects

Relax, have fun, don’t worry too much

Exercise three times a week at the very least

Save to buy a house