2021 Review & 2022 Goals

Looking back on what went well and what could be improved next year.

2021 Review

Accomplishments from 2021 Goals:

  • Installed GrapheneOS
  • intentional social time with family & friends
  • applied to gigs
  • learned a lot about Flask, Vue, SQLite, APIs, SPAs
  • Not blaming others
  • Improved human networking
  • focus and reading time improved

Additional accomplishments:


2022 Goals

Improve every day. Practice programming in the early morning after a physical workout.

Health:  no sugar for 6 months, no alcohol for at least 2 months, 5×5 exercise,  more basketball

Personal Improvement:  less computer on weekends, go hiking, possible Nintendo Switch

Budget: save for wedding, save for house, no emotions to spending, sell some stuff, cut spending where possible

Productivity:  intentional time slots, less distractions

Project:  static site moving away from WP, finish offline web app project, Ansible or bash a desktop set up, meal prep app, My personal Ubuntu Install Guide

Blog posts:  Terraform for static site and ECS set ups, deleting Google (how and why)

Videos: Why Linux How Linux Mobile OS,  detailed install on GrapheneOS, whoiam, Flask VueJS, Time Management/Mental Health, Static site set up on AWS, How I Ran a Podcast with Freedom

Learn:  Kubernetes, “HashiStack”, continued advanced Python and JavaScript, Blockchain deep dive, create a Wallet and Token,    maybe Golang, C, CPython

Explore: The Session Extension from SQLite, Fly.io, Litestream, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenZFS, Linux From Scratch, RISC-V, “DevSecOps”

Discover: a new non-computer hobby

Career: improve Monitoring/Observability, multi-account management, Governance, Compliance, self-service infrastructure, contribute to one open-source project

Courses: Kubernetes, CS615 System Administration (Jan Schaumann – Stevens Institute of Technology), Computer Networks (University of Washington), Ansible (tutorialinux), Hacker 101, Offline Web Applications (Udacity), C Programming (edX), MIT 6.824: Distributed Systems, CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript (edX), Python Scripting for System Administrators (A Cloud Guru), Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (Udemy), eBPF

Books: Immune, System Performance, SRE book, SRE Workbook