2021 Music Releases Review

Below are my favorite music releases for the year 2021.


Favorite Track of the Year

Like The Wind by As Within, So Without


Best Animated Film Based on an EP

Knocked Loose’s “A Tear in the Fabric of Life”


Best EP Release

Pure Like Porcelain by Like Moths to Flames


My Favorite Discovery of the Year

Mirrors by landless


Favorite Collaboration Track

bloodstainedeyes by SeeYouSpaceCowboy & If I Die First


Favorite Track to Repeat and Mosh To

Divine Spark (Life Eternal) by Dream Alazia


Favorite Breakdown (Tie)

Fragments of a Bitter Memory and Innate Thirst by Dying Wish


Favorite Lyrics

“Don’t fear death. Fear death not knowing true love.”

~ Defining Moments (Track 5 on The Fire Itself),Β Phinehas

Favorite Vocals in a Track (Female)

Sun Killer by Spiritbox

Favorite Vocals in a Track (Male)

Heaven in Hiding by Imminence


Debut Album of the Year

NOMOREDOUBT by Dream Alazia


Album of the Year

Fragments of a Bitter Memory by Dying Wish


a YouTube playlist of favorite tracks and music videos collected thru the year

Notable Mentions – additional Most Listened to Albums

Self-titled by Erra
Eternal Blue by Spiritbox
The Fire Itself by Phinehas
Lost in the Waves by Landmvrks
Beautiful Lie by Degrader
The Romance of Affliction by SeeYouSpaceCowboy