2020 Review to 2021 Goals

2020 Reflections

Below are some thoughts on this past year:

  • Did not blog as much
  • Did not record myself singing
  • Became a Cloud Engineer
  • 100DaysofCode was great to get started but tracking for purpose of tracking is never desired. Quitting on things is okay.
  • Bands I listen to released a lot great songs.
  • Build upon positive habits
  • Simplify your life
    • Less distractions – identify the bad ones and create friction to do them
    • More meaningful focus
  • Know your priorities, motivations, have fun
  • Adapt yourself but do not change who you are.
  • Slow down
  • Work efficientlyΒ  –Β  Not just more in measurement of time
  • Read
  • Think
  • set myself a budget to stick with
    • saving for a house
  • Do not blame others

books read in 2020 and books to read in 2021

2021 Goals

  • Health – exercise, eat well, know the limits
    • start doing squats
  • Social time for myself and others sake
  • purchase new skateboard and go outside
  • Apply to gigs I really want and stay fresh in the workforce even if not accepting the job.
  • create new site to get off WordPress and old server. Make it static in git. Less cost. No Google fonts.
  • Python Developer
    • Flask application for a non-for-profit
    • system tooling
  • Spend time on:
    • Build
    • Explore
    • Learn
    • Iterate, fix, improve
  • Blog posts:
    • Flask dev experience and getting started
    • Deleting Google account and why and how
  • Read more
    • Michael W Lucas books
    • books on my shelf
  • record a “Why Linux” talk
  • record video version of GrapheneOS install
  • write an article for Linux Journal
new tattoos in 2020