2019 Reviews to 2020 Goals

2019 in Review


  • went out West for LinuxFest Northwest
  • met my lovely girlfriend
  • promoted at my job
  • established morning & evening routines
  • updated this site with detailed About page
  • developed an ECS deployment pipeline
  • donated to No Agenda
  • applied Stoicism and minimalism to my life all year
  • understood the importance of digital privacy
  • won my fantasy football league

Thoughts on 30 Day Challenges:

I developed habits, but overall it was too much. Going to stick with general goals for 2020.

Goals for 2020

I have broken up my goals into three categories: Personal, Work, and Career. Personal is self-explanatory. Work is directly related to my day-job. And, career is meant for exploration of new skills and continuing to improve other skills that will help out my overall career.



  1. keep with exercise plan
    1. 3 days in week, count calories
  2. Stay on budget
    1. number spent not over at end-of-year
  3. Personal blog posts
    1. 5 for minimalops.com
    2. 5 for metalmonkeys.blog
    3. 3 for craignuzzo.tech
  4. Get off Google
  5. Record my self singing


  1. earn the AWS Architect Associate certification
  2. give back to a FLOSS project
  3. learn CI/CD best practices
  4. contribute to our DI Dashboard moreso
  5. replace old work Mac


  1. continue SRE/SysAdmin/DevOps learning
  2. be very comfortable with Python
  3. be proficient in Terraform, CloudFormation and IaaC in general

Looking ahead…

2021 Goals

  • logging
  • bug bounty
  • apply for other gigs to stay fresh